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REOVO OFFERS UNMATCHED PROTECTION!  The award-winning protective material found in all of Reovo's protective products outperformed the protective materials found in BAUER and CCM hockey helmets, MIPS bicycle helmets, and in testing enhanced the protection of XENITH football helmets.*

Bridging Science and Medicine: what separates Reovo from our competitors is our devotion to creating protective sports products that utilize the very latest advancements in material sciences.  The materials we incorporate into our equipment were developed and evaluated by MIT engineers and Yale doctors, and have been recognized by the NFL, NIST, GE, Duke University, and the U.S. Center for Sports Medicine for their unique ability to reduce impacts.  At Reovo our first priority is research and development, not advertising budgets, marketing gimmicks, or player endorsement contracts.  In this way, we ensure our loyal customers always receive protection that is lighter, softer, and better than any other protective products on the market.   


*Based on third party, independent testing from NOCSAE and NTS.