Our mission at Reovo is to continue to draw attention to head injuries, and to create products that are not only effective in reducing the harmful forces that cause head injuries, but are comfortable and stylish.  In this way, we hope to be a positive force in making soccer safer, and ensuring that each player achieves his or her fullest potential.  Toward this end we work closely with engineers, scientists and doctors to ensure we are on the right path. In addition to having our products rigorously tested by independent laboratories, we also work with top sports medicine doctors like Steven Stahle, M.D., founder of the U.S. Center for Sports Medicine, and pediatricians like Joel Koenig, M.D. of Washington University School of Medicine. At Reovo we don't use gimmicks or buzzwords.  We use science and medicine because after all, it's your brain....

The Reovo head guard is endorsed by Steven Stahle, M.D. Dr. Stahle is co-founder of the US Center for Sports Medicine and has served as sports doctor for numerous major university programs and professional teams throughout the United States.

                                                            -Steven Stahle, M.D.

"In my practice, I routinely see the hidden costs associated with head injuries: high premiums, rising medical expenses, as well as the lost time from school and work.  I want to tell these parents that the facts are plain:  kids are bigger, stronger, and play more aggressively than ever.  Wearing protective headgear such as the HG1 is an important preventive step that I believe can help mitigate these costs.” 

                                                             -Joel S. Koenig, M.D.


Dr. Koenig founded Town & Country Pediatrics in 1990.  He is a graduate of Yale University and Vanderbilt Medical School. After serving on the full-time faculty at Washington University, Dr. Koenig became the Chief of Pediatrics at Missouri Baptist Medical Center.