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April 24, 2019 – Los Angeles – The United Premier Soccer League (UPSL) is pleased to announce a sponsorship with Reovo Hg.

Reovo Hg's award-winning safety technology addresses one of soccer greatest concerns – head injuries. Reovo Hg and the UPSL have teamed up to provide a safe playing environment for every UPSL player.

As part of the sponsorship, every UPSL team will have access to Reovo's product line and reduced pricing, and UPSL members can go to to access a special league-only offer.

United Premier Soccer League Marketing Director David Jacobs said, "This is a one-of-a-kind partnership that Reovo Hg and the United Premier Soccer League have created. We always believe in taking a proactive approach, and the same goes for the safety of our players. Reovo Hg headgear is scientifically proven to help prevent concussions, and anytime you can help players prevent injuries it's a smart move. We look forward to working with Reovo Hg for years to come, and thank them for their support of the UPSL."

In 2019, the UPSL and Reovo Hg will lead by example and offer exclusives to UPSL members, demonstrating the league's commitment to taking a proactive approach to preventing head injuries.

Reovo Hg President Shane Cashion said, "We are obviously very excited to partner with the UPSL as the size of its footprint will naturally bring additional exposure to our product. We also commend the UPSL and its leadership for being forward-thinking in addressing the issue of concussions. To date, the U.S. soccer community has focused on diagnosing and treating concussions, while precious little has been done to prevent concussions. We deeply appreciate the UPSL's preventative measures to protect its club members."

Reovo Hg's award-winning protective headgear is available in a wide-variety of colors, and each item is fully customizable.

The UPSL is in more than 75 different soccer markets across 35-plus states, servicing thousands of players, coaches and employees.

About Reovo Hg

Reovo Hg's protective soccer headgear utilizes patented protection technology. Reovo Hg's protective material was a winner at both the NFL/Under Armour Head Health Challenge III and the NFL/Duke University Head Health Tech Challenge IV for its unique ability to reduce rotational accelerations. These accelerations are particularly harmful in causing concussions. Reovo Hg is also endorsed by top doctors, including the U.S. Center for Sports Medicine.

Disclaimer: Reovo reduces the risk of head injuries. Leading doctors and scientists have concluded that a reduction in acceleration correlates with a reduction in concussion risk. No head protection can prevent concussions or eliminate to risk of concussions.


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