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Reovo's supportive performance inserts combine the cushioning benefits of a soft insert with the motion-controlling benefits of a rigid one. They are designed to reduce foot and ankle fatigue while providing shock absorption, support, and stabilization to help prevent stress fractures, turf toe, plantar fascia strain, shin splints, and other injuries that arise from less forgiving artificial surfaces and spikes.  In addition to stabilization and injury prevention, Reovo's inserts increase the performance of both amateur and professional athletes by maximizing energy return and increasing ground force and explosiveness.  As a result, Reovo's inserts are a perfect choice for intense, high impact sports.


Reovo's inserts are thin enough, particularly in the toe box, to rest on top of existing insoles to provide the perfect, snug fit for competition.  The contoured, neutral arch is appropriate for most feet, and can be expected to improve the fit, function, and life of your favorite shoes, boots or cleats.

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