NTS Lab Tested to Reduce Impacts by More than 50%

Weighs Just 3 Ounces 

Hybrid Fabric Wicks Sweat and is Antimicrobial 

Official Headgear Partner 

Available in Six Sizes and a Wide-Variety of Colors 

Handmade Provides Unmatched Comfort

The Reovo HG utilizes our proprietary REPS system, which contains revolutionary protective material that was a winner in both the NFL/Under Armour Head Health Challenge III and the NFL/Duke University Head Health Tech Challenge IV for its unique ability to reduce rotational accelerations. These accelerations are particularly harmful in causing concussions. To ensure a perfect fit in one of our six sizes, please follow the instructions below:

With a measuring tape, begin by placing measuring tape on center of player’s forehead.  Then, while keeping starting point in place, continue to wrap the measuring tape around player’s head to meet starting point (middle of forehead): Small 51-52.5 cm.  Small + 53-54.5 cm.  Medium 55-56.5 cm. Medium + 57-58.5 cm. Large 59-60.5. cm. Large + 61 cm or larger.

DISCLAIMER: Reovo reduces the risk of head injuries.  Leading doctors and scientists have concluded that a reduction in acceleration correlates with a reduction in concussion risk.  No head protection can prevent concussions or eliminate the risk of concussions.