5mm Thick

Weighs just 3 ounces  

Wicks Sweat/Antimicrobial

Powered by NFL Award-Winning Protection 

The Most Essential Gear in Your Equipment Bag



Thanks to the media attention concussions have received and the funding for R&D provided by the National Football League and its partners to combat same, we are in a golden era of football helmets.  Unfortunately, with the price of the newest helmets exceeding $1,500, only the pros and top college programs are benefiting from the new technology.   Reovo was founded with the charge of providing unmatched protection and comfort at an affordable price.  Toward that end, we have created the ReovoLine football helmet liner that offers NFL Head Health Challenge and NFL/Duke University Head Health Tech Challenge award-winning technology at a cost of only $59.99.   The ReovoLine is a 5mm liner that contains Reovo's revolutionary Rotational Energy Protection Systems ("REPS") that can be trimmed with scissors to "Set and Go" with any football helmet.  The result is an immediate transformation of your old, dated helmet to a cutting-edge helmet that boasts the latest, award-winning impact protection technology at a fraction of the cost of purchasing a new helmet.  


Exterior Protection

Interior Protection  

The molecular structure of the exterior layer of Reovo's REPS protective system freezes upon impact to create a hard, yet comfortable shell that absorbs up to 90% of impact at high impact speeds.  The award-winning interior material differs radically from standard protective foams in that its energy absorbing characteristics resemble millions of tiny springs that deflect, reflect, shear, and attenuate harmful impact energies.  The novelty and effectiveness of Reovo's protective materials were recognized by the NFL, NIST, GE, FabricLInk, and Duke University.

DISCLAIMER: Reovo reduces the risk of head injuries.  Leading doctors and scientists have concluded that a reduction in acceleration correlates with a reduction in concussion risk.  No head protection can prevent concussions or eliminate the risk of concussions.